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Basic Residential Cleaning

Below is a list of the Basic cleaning that we provide for our residential clients, however we also offer some deep cleaning Extras that as well. 


  • Kitchen: Wiping down cabinets, counters, appliances and any glass or steel     
  • Bathroom: Inside and out of sink, toilet and tub/shower      
  • Dusting:Wiping down any knick knacks, furniture and pictures
  • Floors: Swept or vacuumed, mopped or steamed      





  • Baseboards: Sweep dust off and then wipe down with cloth     
  • Blinds: Wiping down of each individual    
  • Fans: wiping down of fan blades as well as any lights.   
  • Cleaning out of Refrigerator/Freezer
  •  The cleaning of inside of stove

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