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Vacation Rental Cleaning

The Little Cleaning Fairy cleans any type of vacation rental.  We offer the basic Cleaning package in addition to the cleaning the inside and out of refrigerator/freezer, and changing of bed and bath linens.  We understand that cleaning and de-sanitizing of the vacation rentals is very important, therefore we Lysol beds and furniture.

Bed, Vacation Rental Cleaning in Keystone Heights, FL

Move-In / Move-Out

Whether you are moving in or moving out we can take care of that special cleaning for you.  If you are moving into a home we design a checklist for your specific requests.  Move-Outs  we offer wiping down walls, light fixtures, baseboards, interior windows as well as wiping the window seals out, and fans.  Cleaning of kitchen counter tops, inside of refrigerator, all appliances, and wiping out of cabinets.  Cleaning of bathrooms, vacuuming, and mopping/steaming of floors.


Small Businesses

We are prepared to clean after hours or even on weekends.  We here at The Little Cleaning Fairy understand that your office needs to offer a presentable as well as a clean environment for your clients.  Office cleaning includes dusting of furniture (dusting of desks if requested), vacuuming, mopping/steaming of floors, cleaning of bathrooms as well as disposal of garbage. 

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